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How do I upload my music?

If you are an Artist-Member of the Free Music Archive, click on your name drop-down menu and choose “Upload Audio.” If you’re not an artist on the FMA, you’ll need to submit your work to us (or a curator) to be granted entry. The Free Music Archive is a curated library, which makes it a bit different from other music libraries. Upload permissions are granted on a case by case basis by FMA volunteers and curators. We are looking for the best music from around the world, from a variety of genres, available for a free download and ideally under a Creative Commons license.


If you would like to license your work using an FMA-Limited Download Only license, please ask for assistance.

Want to submit your music for consideration? Here’s how.

How do I download music from the FMA?

If you're visiting the FMA from a computer, you should see a down-arrow ? next to every song on the site. Clicking this button will download individual tracks or zip albums into a designated folder.

If you aren't seeing these, you may need to update to the latest version of Flash. If you have manually installed a flash-blocking application or HTTPS Everywhere on your browser, you'll need to add the FMA to your whitelist. Our website isn't compatible with many mobile devices tablets at this time, and downloads may not be possible from those devices.

How do I play music on the FMA?

If you're visiting the FMA from a computer, you should see a circular play button ? next to every song on the website. Clicking the downward-pointing arrow ? next to every track will download individual MP3s, and clicking the larger downward-pointing arrow ? below entire albums will let you save entire albums.

If you aren't seeing these, you may need to update to the latest version of Flash. If you have manually installed a flash-blocking application or HTTPS Everywhere on your browser, you'll need to add the FMA to your exceptions.

If you'd like to scroll around tracks while they play, you can always try our pop-up player by clicking on the ? icon next to songs you'd like to play. This will launch an on-the-go playlist via a pop-up window. Note: Your browser must allow pop-up windows or else this feature will not function.


More info is in this article about the Pop-Out Player.

The ? symbol stands for "info" and will open the track page in a new window. There you can find more info about the song. The ? symbol lets you delete a track from the playlist.

The music won't play. What's up?

You don't have to sign up in order to hear the music on the FMA. You should be able to listen to anything you want just by clicking the play ? button. Here are a few questions for you, based on experiences we've had with other users.

  1. Are you using a computer or a mobile device? Our website at wasn't designed to work wtih phones and tablets. It's best viewed from a computer. We offer an app in the iTunes store and Google Play store.
  2. Does other audio play from your browser?
    This is a website I like to use to test this.
  3. Are you using the plug-in HTTPS: Everywhere?
    Our audio doesn't work with this plug-in installed in some browsers.

How can I save my favorite tracks?

The FMA allows members to add tracks to your Favorites list while you browse. ?To mark a track as a favorite, login and click on the star icon to the right of the track title. ?The star will go from clear to black. Once you have selected your favorite tracks, return to your profile page and a list of those tracks will appear in your profile. ?Click the Play Page button to play all of your favorites. ?This list can either be set to private or public. Favorites appear in chronological order by default.

What can I do with an FMA member account?

The FMA allows everybody to download audio from the site, whether you are a member or not. However, signing up with the FMA and becoming a member allows you to:

  • Build your own FMA profile and blog
  • Create and save a list of favorite tracks
  • Create mixes of tracks from the Free Music Archive
  • Stream your mixes or your list of favorites
  • Leave comments using your FMA profile

How do I edit my FMA profile?
To edit your profile, visit your member page by clicking on the "Profile" button at the top of the page. Then, click on the "Edit Page" button at the upper right corner of the page. From there you can upload a profile image, provide some basic information about yourself, change your password, close your account, and edit profile settings. Profile settings include email notifications, FMA email subscriptions, and user ID information.

How do blog posts work?

Every FMA profile includes tools to create and maintain your own blog. If you wish to build an FMA blog, go to your profile page and click the "Manage Blog" button at the top right-hand corner. ?To create a blog entry, click on the "New Entry" button and a new page will appear that asks you for a blog headline. Enter a headline and click the "Go" button to create your blog post. ?You may add text, an image (420 x 280), attach relevant tracks, and edit the post in HTML mode.

To embed a mix, album, or track(s) within a blog post, hit the HTML button. Then, paste the embed code.

To attach a song to a blog post, start typing the song title into the "Attach a Song" field and it will auto-suggest results. The more specific and accurate, the better. Be sure to hit the "Add Track" button. You can attach more than one track, but you cannot upload using this method.

As you get ready to post, the site allows you to preview your blog post, save it as a draft, or post it directly to your blog by clicking "Create Post."

To have your blog post considered for the group blog on the homepage, just send us an e-mail with a link.

What are the dimensions for images on FMA?

  • Curator Logo: 290 x 170
  • Curator Top: 476 x 269
  • Artist: 290 x 290
  • Album: 290 x 290
  • Song: 290 x 290
  • Mix / Collection: 290 x 220
  • Profile: 145 x 145
  • Blog Post: 420 x 280


How do I make a mix?

Mixes are a way to group tracks from the FMA library and share them with the FMA community, embed on other websites, and make .zip files for easy bulk downloads. After you create an account and log into the website, you can start your mix.

To make a mix, log into the website, click the "Participate" drop down menu, and selecting "Mix." Then click the "Make a Mix" icon in the upper right hand corner of the page. In the mix-making tool, you'll be able to type in artist names or the titles of your favorite tracks, and drag them into the mix on the right hand side. A trick for easily finding your favorite songs is to hit the star icon next to your favorite tracks in the FMA, and then they will appear in your "Starred Tracks" list. When adding an image to a mix, be sure to use an image 500x500px or smaller for best results.

How do I deactivate my account?

Visit your member page by clicking on the "Profile" link in the top bar of any page, or clicking here. Then click the "Edit Page" pencil icon in the upper right corner of your profile. Scroll down to the options under "Profile Settings." Next to "Status" you have the option to leave your account open or close your account. Select "Close Account" to deactivate your member account on the Free Music Archive. The last thing to do is hit a "Save" button anywhere on that page, or select the "Save and View" option for the upper right hand corner.

How can I help support artists I discover on the FMA?

When visiting the artist page, you can click the "Tip the Artist" button to make a donation over paypal, or purchase music or merchandise from that artist. Not every artist has this set up this option on their page. You can also visit their personal websites to learn more about how to support their music.

How can I help support the FMA?

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Free Music Archive! We're just beginning to reach the full potential of this unique project, and donations helping us get there. We have information about donating to our project available here.


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