Oily Skin

Typically someone with oily skin is going to want something lighter than a heavy cream.? Opt for a gel as you will get all of the same hydration benefits but not the heaviness of a cream.

Sensitive skin

You will more than likely want to opt for a moisturizer that is fragrance free.? Depending on your sensitivity, you would probably want a moisturizer that won’t be as heavy to ensure a light absorption into the skin

Dry skin

A thicker cream would be a great option.? I would even take it as far as investing in a jade roller to really push the product into your skin.? Things like vitamin E or other emollient based cream would do well with dryer skin to really absorb the product.

Climate matters

What might work for an person with oily skin in New York may not be the same for Arizona.? Understanding if your climate carries more moisture in the air can help you determine if your dry skin needs more hydration.? This may also vary based on seasons changing in your part of town.

Night cream

Night cream is an absolute must.? This is your opportunity for your skin to regenerate its cells while you rest. ?Whatever you use, make sure that it is a nighttime cream and be sure to spread the product to your neck and decollete


Take care of your skin the proper way and feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror.? Find what products work for you and stick with them to see the results that they are intended for.? You will love the results!?